Our Science

Several years of research and way too many taste tests has led to the development of our globally scalable breakthrough technology.

Our patented novel fermentation process solves complex issues in food technology, enabling the creation of plant-based ingredients that don’t compromise on taste and texture: milks, cream, and powders that we’re proud of.

How do we do it?

We source our mighty pulses from suppliers and growers all around the world.

Our plants are processed and split into liquid and solid → a tasty, highly nutritious solid ingredient, and the liquid gold that forms the base of our powders, milks, and creams.

Our liquid gold goes through a novel fermentation process that removes the plant taste AND results in a liquid that is both nutritionally and functionally superior. To our knowledge, this has not been achieved by anyone else before.

The result? Delicious, allergen-free, high performing ingredients that can be used for a variety of products, and create minimal waste during processing.